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Meet the Team


Lash Artist and Skincare Specialist 


Hi, I'm Natalie! My career in the beauty industry began in 2018. Since then I have obtained a cosmetology license, esthetician license, and thirteen certifications. I provide luxury eyelash extension and corrective/preventative skincare services. In addition, I offer quality eyelash extension training. 

 I'm very passionate about my work and entrepreneurship. I strive to provide great and ethical results. Making my clients feel confident in their own skin is what keeps me going!

Independent Lash Artist and Waxer

Hello, I am Briona. My love and experience for the beauty industry began in 2018. Since 2018, I have been passionate about hair, makeup, and anything beauty related. I have also been working with clients and learning how to communicate and build relationships with them since then. I am an independent lash artist with over a year of experience & a soon to be wax specialist! I am 4x certified in the industry, and I’m also a licensed cosmetologist. Currently, I am in school, majoring in business management. As far as my business goes, I strive to empower women and make them look/feel even more beautiful! 

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Independent Nail Artist

Hello I'm Yarre , A Licensed Nail Technician Aka A Nail Fanatic. My love for nails started in 2017 when i began to display my world of creativity through nails.  I strive to give everyone the opportunity to bring their vision to life and wear their nails with pride. 

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